SHOWTEC Light Desk Pro 136 User's Guide

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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Calypso

Calypso ORDERCODE 43104 Highlite International B.V. Vestastraat 2 6468 EX Kerkrade The Netherlands Phone: +31 45-5667700

Page 2 - Congratulations!

9 Control Modes There are 3 control modes: • Single Calypso stand-alone (triggered by built-in microphone). • Multiple Calypso fixtures (Master/S

Page 3 - Showtec

10 Multiple Calypso fixtures (Master/Slave Mode) 1. Fasten the effect light onto firm trussing. Leave at least 0,5 meter on all sides for air circul

Page 4 - Safety Instructions

11 A Synchronous pattern 1) Master unit setup: Set F2 in OFF position. Check that F1 is in OFF position. F1: OFF = master. F2: OFF = synchronous p

Page 5

12 3) If you connect 8 units, make sure, the address off the fourth slave (the fifth unit) is set to1, the next at Address 2 etc. Set the address DI

Page 6 - Rigging

13 Multiple Calypso fixtures (DMX control) 1. Fasten the Calypso fixture(s) onto firm trussing. Leave at least 0,5 meter on all sides for air circul

Page 7 - Return Procedure

14 Multiple Calypso fixtures Pro Set Up Fig. 4 Note : Link all DMX cables before connecting electric power Do not supply power before the whole

Page 8 - Description of the device

15 Channel 3 – Blackout-Scenes-Flash-Full On (When Ch1 is set between 16-127 ) 0-7 Blackout 8-241 39 Scenes 242-247 Speedy Flash 248-255 Full

Page 9 - Set Up and Operation

16 Dipswitch setting for DMX mode DMX products must have their own "address" to receive DMX signals. Addresses on the controller are set b

Page 10 - Control Modes

17 DMX Quick Reference Chart

Page 11

18 Fixture Linking You will need a serial data link to run light shows of one or more fixtures using a DMX-512 controller or to run synchronized show

Page 12

1 Congratulations! You have bought a great, innovative product from Showtec. The Showtec Calypso brings excitement to any venue. Whether you want si

Page 13

19 Connection Cables Take care of the connector cables, always holding them by the connectors and avoiding knots and twists when coiling them: This g

Page 14

20 No Response to DMX Response: Suspect the DMX cable or connectors, a controller malfunction, a light effect DMX card malfunction. 1. Check the DMX

Page 15 - DMX Channel Summary

21 Product Specification Model: Showtec Calypso • LED Source: 28x 5 mm RED LED; 28x 5 mm Green LED; 28x 5 mm Blue LED; 28x 5 mm White LED • Input-vol

Page 17 - Example:

2 Showtec Showtec Calypso™ Product Guide Warning ...

Page 18 - DMX Quick Reference Chart

3 Warning Unpacking Instructions Immediately upon receiving this product, carefully unpack the carton and check the contents to ensure that all

Page 19 - Data Cabling

4  Never let the power-cord come into contact with other cables! Handle the power-cord and all connections with the mains with particular caution!

Page 20 - Troubleshooting

5 Operating Determinations • This device is not designed for permanent operation. Consistent operation breaks will ensure that the device will serve

Page 21 - No Response to DMX

6 Connection with the mains Connect the device to the mains with the power-plug. Always pay attention, that the right color cable is connected to the

Page 22 - Product Specification

7 Description of the device Features The Calypso is a light-effect with high output and great effects. • LED Source: 28x 5 mm RED LED; 28x 5 mm Gre

Page 23

8 Overview Fig. 2 1) Mountingbracket with adjustment screws for Truss mounting 2) Fixed power cable with Schuko plug 3) Fuse (T1A) 4) DMX sig

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